AirMeet is an innovative new tool that allows attendants at conferences and conventions to engage and interact with fellow attendants

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What is AirMeet?

AirMeet is an innovative new app that allows attendants at conferences to find and meet other attendants with ease. It enables event attendants to search for similiar attendants and view information about them on their profile. It also allows for in-app messaging in order to allow attendants to chat online before meeting in person. Futhermore, it includes an interactive map that allows attendants to find others within their vicinity.

So, How Do I Use AirMeet?

It's simple. Simply log into our online dashboard and give us some information about your event including date(s), location, and a floorplan. When it comes time for the event, simply instruct attendants to download our free app and give them an access code to login. That's it!

AirMeet will be available on April 18, 2017

Packed with tons of great features



Our app is available for free on all major phone platforms.


Easily meet fellow attendants around you.

Free to Use

AirMeet is free for conferences, conventions, and job fairs to use during our beta period.


View the profiles of fellow attendants to learn more about their skills and work.

We're Live!

The client app is ready on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Are you interested in using our service at your event for free during the beta? Please !

AirMeet on Apple App Store AirMeet on Google Play


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